Developmental Assessments

D.A.I.S.Y. wants to serve your clients’ developmental needs!

Developmental Assessment and Intervention Specialists, or D.A.I.S.Y., is a multidisciplinary team focused on assessing children with disorders or developmental delays, supporting families, and creating an ongoing plan of care for the success of each child we serve.

All team members have extensive experience in the high risk pediatric setting. We are here to serve your families! Our evaluation report will be an invaluable tool in diagnosing your clients. It will give you a complete developmental picture of your client with clear direction on steps toward success.

  • Complete developmental assessment in one stop.
  • No waiting list!
  • Coordination of services to ensure success.
  • Great locations! (Lawrenceville & John’s Creek)
  • Medical professionals available for consultation.

Following the complete developmental assessment, we refer children to highly qualified therapists in the area near the family’s home. A developmental plan of care will be implemented and team support will continue from the initial intake throughout service deliveries. We would be pleased to partner with you in assessing and serving your clients.

Team Members

  • Dr. Dea Montgomery
  • Dr. Lucinda Grapenthin
  • All About Kids Therapy Services (O.T. and P.T.)
  • Julie Sauer (ABA Therapist)
  • Kidspeech, Inc. (S.T.)