Evaluations & Therapy

Treatment is conducted in several locations for your convenience. Children are seen for an evaluation and/or therapy in the “natural environment,” home, daycare, and all office locations. Space is limited for out of office therapy appointments. Services are provided in a one-to-one setting to maximize progress.

After your referral call to the office, the office manager will schedule your child’s appointment with their therapist. We will need you to call your physician and have them send an original prescription for services to our office. Upon arriving for your appointment, you will have paperwork to complete and then it’s off to meet your therapist. He/she will complete the evaluation in a play-themed atmosphere using standardized tests and parent interview. When the evaluation is complete the therapist will share a preliminary opinion concerning your child’s speech and language skills and make suggestions for treatment. This will be followed by a formal report within 10 days sent to you by mail.


The office manager will work with you to find a time for therapy that is convenient. After each therapy session you will have the opportunity to speak with the therapist to receive information about how your child is progressing and what you can do at home to facilitate his/her progress.

Physical and Occupational Therapy Services Provided By:
All About Kids Therapy Services, Inc.