Jacob's Parent

We are so grateful we found Kidspeech when we needed therapy for our son. Our son was 3 when he was diagnosed with Apraxia. My husband and I had attempted to educate ourselves about the diagnosis and progress children can make, only to be overwhelmed by information on the internet. Our therapist was so knowledgable and helped us understand what this diagnosis entailed and gave us a plan to enable us to help our child communicate with others. Initially, he only made a few sounds (i.e. oo, ah) and grunted or pulled us to what he wanted. After a few months he was using words to communicate, which reduced the behavior issues, and later began using sentences to communicate. He is now 4 years old and is speaking and communicating as well as any child his age. Everyone at Kidspeech is wonderful! They make you feel like you are family and honestly love kids. We would recommend Kidspeech to any parent who is concerned about their child’s communication. They are GREAT!!!!

Sarah's Mom

Our daughter came to Kidspeech with a feeding disorder. She had been on a feeding tube since 6 months old and would only take a bottle at 18 months. Nothing was allowed to touch her mouth, especially food. We had already tried another program at a different facility to try and get her to eat with no success. When we came to Kidspeech, she would “get sick” on the way in the door, on the way back to therapy and in therapy. I was so worried about her, but the therapist reassured me she would be able to eat table food soon. Our therapist taught us how to work with our daughter to get her to accept touch and food around her mouth. She began to eat and our therapist set her goal to eat chicken nuggets. Our baby is 2 years old, and after only 6 months of therapy, has had her feeding tube removed and eats everything. Her favorite treats are Tootsie Rolls. (sticky, gooey, Tootsie Rolls) Go figure! Thanks to Kidspeech, we are on our way.

Mother of Kidspeech, Inc. Patient, Age 5

My daughter was recently told that her speech pronunciation did not affect her at school and she was not old enough to receive therapy in the school system. I proceeded to seek out private speech therapy for my daughter who had trouble making her “R” sounds. Our family was touched by the professional and caring attitudes of all the employees at the Kidspeech office. We were always greeted professionally and enjoyed knowing that our daughter would not have to deal with the frustrations of not being able to pronounce her “R” sounds. She received therapy for three months and was discharged recently. Our family is pleased to know that she no longer has to worry about her speech and her grades in reading have improved a lot. She is reading and writing and we are so glad that her speech does not interfere. We are blessed to have found Kidspeech.

Parent's of Kidspeech, Inc. Patient, Age 4

Kidspeech, Inc. gets the highest recommendation for quality speech therapy. Upon entering the facility, you are greeted by a staff that is not only professional, but also kind and extremely caring. We, as parents, chose Kidspeech, Inc. to provide intervention at an early age for clear, correct enunciation. Having therapy sooner than later has proved to be beneficial because it gave our child early phonic reognition.

Troy's Mom

Words cannot begin to describe the joy we feel when Troy speaks. He is talking up a storm and all because of you. You are so talented and have such a gift for this. It is so wonderful when people actually use their God-given gifts and talents. We are forever grateful to you.

Peyton's Mother

It seems like just yesterday that I was given a paper with your name and number on it as we prepared to move from Peachtree City to Cumming. You came highly recommended, but at that time we didn’t know what to expect. As days turned into weeks and weeks into months and months into years, we realized how lucky we were to have found you. You worked so hard with Peyton and were always pulling new tricks out of your hat. It just amazes me at the things you would come up with – and they worked! You pushed Peyton to always do her best. You were kind and playful, but at the same time you expected hard work and practice. We are very grateful for everything you have done for her. As we prepare to move to Illinois, a bumpy road lies ahead for Peyton, but thanks to the good foundation you have given her, I am confident she will be successful. Thank you for everything!

Colton's Parents

We would like to compliment you for your work with our son, Colton. She was knowledgeable, patient, kind and loving. We saw so much improvement in his expressive speech that we decided to discontinue the therapy after 3 months. Thanks again to the folks at Babies Can’t Wait! It’s a really well run program. Our results were favorable.

Mother of a Kidspeech, Inc. Patient

I would like to take this opportunity to state how impressed and pleased I have been with Babies Can’t Wait, It is the best program. I was with a private speech therapy company for a few months and my child did not really progress. Once our speech therapist from babies Can’t Wait started working with my son his improvement was immediate. She has been working with him for about a month now and I can’t believe the changes in him. He is adding new words everyday to his vocabulary. He loves to work with her. It is so apparent that she loves her job and loves her “kids.” I would highly recommend Babies Can’t Wait to any parent in need of special services for their child. I was a little nervous about using a state funded program because I was unsure what kind of therapists would be involved. I must say it has been a wonderful program for my family.

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