Welcome to Kidspeech

Welcome to Kidspeech

Our therapy focuses on integrating treatment into a natural part of your child’s daily routine. Kidspeech provides age appropriate therapy techniques, including:

• play-based therapy for younger children
• creative learning experiences for older children

Family-Based Treatment

Family-Based Treatment

Our patients’ families are an essential part of the treatment team. Families will be guided in understanding their child’s areas of need and strengths, as well as assisting the child’s intervention, including carryover:

• at home
• at school and
• in the community

Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach

Kidspeech therapists work as a team with all the contributors to your child’s education and care, including:

• physicians
• teachers
• psychologists
• occupational therapists
• physical therapists

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In order to begin services for your child, Kidspeech will need the following:

• A prescription from your Primary Care Physician
• Any information on previous evaluations or treatments received
• Medical/Background Information Form
• Parent Consent Form
• Notice of Privacy Practices Form
• Current copy of your insurance card (front and back)
• Current copy of IFSP/IEP if applicable

Find out more

If any of the following questions applies to you, Kidspeech can help:

• Do you have questions regarding your child’s speech, language or feeding skills?
• Are you concerned about your child not developing skills as quickly as other children?
• Do you need to pursue a comprehensive evaluation?
• Do you have questions about your preschooler’s speech sound development?
• Do you want reassurance that your child is on track with their development?


Find Out More About Pediatric Speech Screenings

Do you have questions about your child’s speech, language, and/or feeding skills?

• Have you ever noticed that your child has difficulty expressing his/her thoughts clearly?
• Are they having a hard time following directions?
• Does he/she often repeat words or stutter?
• Does your child have a hard time with a particular sound?
• Does your child have a hard time being understood?
• Does your child have food aversions?
• Would you like reassurance that your child is developing typically?

Read About Our Treatment Options

Our daughter came to Kidspeech with a feeding disorder. She had been on a feeding tube since 6 months old and would only take a bottle at 18 months. Nothing was allowed to touch her mouth, especially food. We had already tried another program at a different facility to try and get her to eat with no success. When we came to Kidspeech, she would “get sick” on the way in the door, on the way back to therapy and in therapy. I was so worried about her, but the therapist reassured me she would be able to eat table food soon. Our therapist taught us how to work with our daughter to get her to accept touch and food around her mouth. She began to eat and our therapist set her goal to eat chicken nuggets. Our baby is 2 years old, and after only 6 months of therapy, has had her feeding tube removed and eats everything. Her favorite treats are Tootsie Rolls. (sticky, gooey, Tootsie Rolls) Go figure! Thanks to Kidspeech, we are on our way.

Sarah’s Mom Sarah’s Mom